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Transforming Healthcare with Aggregate Data Insights

At United Diagnostic Services (UDS Health), we revolutionize healthcare outcomes through the power of aggregated data. By compiling and analyzing anonymized health screening results, we gain a holistic view of population health, identifying patterns, trends, and risk factors for targeted interventions. Our efficient data aggregation techniques ensure patient privacy while creating a robust foundation for impactful insights. Our skilled team generates meaningful reports, presenting key findings to drive evidence-based decision-making and enhance patient care.

Through the aggregation of health screening data, we understand prevalent conditions, risk factors, and gaps in care, empowering healthcare providers to implement targeted interventions and allocate resources effectively. UDS Health collaborates with stakeholders to drive positive change, leveraging data insights for informed decision-making and improved health outcomes. Together, we transform healthcare by harnessing the collective strength of data.

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National Report

2022-2023 Aggregate Health Screening Results

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Summary of Q1 2023 Screening Results

United Diagnostic Services (UDS), a leading provider in early detection programs for first responders, announces a groundbreaking achievement in Q1 2023. UDS successfully implemented their gold standard program in over 20 states, reaching 90+ departments and agencies. Testing over 7,000 first responders, the results revealed remarkable insights into their health status.

86% of the tested first responders were male, reflecting the community’s diversity. Approximately 61% had actionable findings requiring immediate attention or further evaluation. UDS identified 6,712 cases needing follow-up, including 9% with high-risk pathologies like abnormal prostate, testicular, thyroid, cardiac, kidney, bladder, urinary bladder, aorta, and vascular conditions.

In an extraordinary breakthrough, UDS’s program detected 11 cases of cancer early, including bladder, thyroid, colon, and testicular cancer. These findings emphasize the life-saving impact of timely screenings, offering affected individuals the best chance for successful treatment and recovery.