United Diagnostic Services (UDS)

provides diagnostic healthcare services to help prevent cancers and cardiovascular disease, improving lives of individuals. We deploy comprehensive diagnostic health programs to detect actionable pathologies, cardiovascular disease, and occupational cancer. These tests are deployed by registered UDS professionals that are specifically designed for early diagnosis and treatment.

First Responders
Hospital Services
Private Doctors and Multi Specialty Clinics

First Responders

Cancer and heart disease remain significant health issues for firefighters and emergency responders because they face potentially toxic exposure to gases, chemicals, and smoke every day in their line of duty. READ MORE

Hospital Services

Hospitals and Medical Centers have utilized diagnostic testing services from outsourced and contracted organizations in efforts to increase service levels and capacity.  The options available through UDS provide organizations, cross-modality trained technicians with decades of experience.  READ MORE

Private Doctors and Multi- Specialty Clinics

UDS ( United Diagnostic Services) is the forerunner in developing and instituting framework for doctor’s offices and multi-specialty clinics providing multi-diagnostic modality services as part of their basic service lines.  ​ READ MORE

See what clients say about us

“United Dignostic Services” saved my life …….. zero exaggeration. Thank you!  Looking forward to encouraging and motivating members to take advantage of this great opportunity”.

Jason Burns

Firefighter, Fall River Fire Department

” I’ve been with Mr Lankin for multiple years. It’s been an absolute pleasure. Responsible, caring!”

Dr. Josif Shalomon

Boro Park Ave, Boropark Medical